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The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 7

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 8

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 9

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 10

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 11

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 12

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 13

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 14

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 15

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 16

The Pendleton Rock Camp Concert: Act 17

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Video Slideshows (cont.)

Some of the photos taken during Pendleton Rock Camp concert.


Video Slideshows

Many of the pictures taken during Pendleton Rock Camp practice.


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Introducing the Pendleton Ukulele Project

The Counselors' Bands

Link to the Rock Camp Counselors' Bands:

Wants To give You (deer or the doe, IOA, junkface)

Point Juncture WA


Velela Velela

James Dean Kindle & The Eastern Oregon Playboys

Laura Gibson

Thomas Paul

Day Moanstar Live

Artistic Shot: Friday


Award Ceremony


Video Friday

Scott and Jared workshop some lyrics:

Theron plays the sax:

Rock Camp Cartoon

By Brittany Taylor

Q&A with Jordan

Years at rock and roll camp: first year
instrument played: Drums

Q: How do you like your first year?
A: Its fun, I like getting to play with people

Q: How did you get into playing the drums?
A: I bought the cheapest drum set, put on headphones ands tried to copy the music

Q: How long have you been playing the drums?
A: 1.5 years

Q:You taught your self?
A: yeah

Q: Have you been to any concerts and if so what concert?
A: yeah, Nickleback, Metallica, Boston

Q:What is your favorite band?
A:Escape the fate, and Atreyo

Q: Do you have any advice for up coming campers?
A: dont procrastinate!

Q & A with Peter Walters

Q: What made you decide to start Rock & Roll camp?

A: Well, let's see, my friends and I were in High School and we did shows. We thought we the local music scene. I thought this is fun, cool. We were on a road trip and the idea came up, "Wouldn't it be cool to have a camp for little kids with shows?" We thought it was a good idea, then I got approached by the Educational Director, Elizabeth S. she asked if I was interested in an after school class. Art Rocks Teens, I did the first set of classes, which I think was, 9 weeks long. It was like 2 hours after school on Wednesdays, my day off. That was fun, I met people like Jackie Penny, Evan, and Addison. I did sets of classes for 9 weeks, then I think 6 weeks, then 8 weeks. I realized it was hard to accomplish a lot, because of the short amount of time we had each week. It wasn't enough to do anything huge. Elizabeth said,
"What if we turned it in to a week long camp?"

I'm like, "Yeah!"

So I got my friends help, it was the first year of camp, 2005. My friend Ben came and helped. Also a band came to town, a co-ed band who had just played. I asked them and I didn't know them very well. I knew they'd be a good band. So what i did was, basically I just got the first phone number I could of someone from the band, this happened to be Wilson. So I called him and asked "Hey, wanna come teach at Rock and Roll camp for a week? I can help pay for such-and-such amount of expenses."

He said "Yeah! Totally."

The first year was awesome, and since then Point Juncture has come every year.

Q: Do you remember the first c.d. or record you ever bought? What was it?
A: I can't remember the cassette, a lot of times I bought them from yard sales. The first c.d. I bought was from Payless, or K-Mart, It was the soundtrack for Batman Forever.

I knew a couple bands on it, like, Sunny day Real Estate The Offspring and The Flaming Lips. Haha, I loved Batman.

Q: How do you like working with kids?
A: I hate it, ha ha no, it's exhausting, but it's fun. There are so many campers and less than half the amount of counselors. Ideally, if I had all the money in the world, each camper would have a counselor. It's great though, it forces us to get quality work done. I feel like the campers have become more respectful, appreciative, and easy going, easier to work with. You guys are a breeze.

Q: Who were your musical influences when you were a teen?
A: When I was a teen. . . Rage Against Machine. I loved them. The first I ever really wanted to latch onto and make a part of my identity was Nirvana. The band "Built to Spill" changed my life. It's really heavy, I was into that kind of stuff. It's all very clangy, awesome, pop, indie-rock.

Their lyrics are all poetically adolescent. Hurt and pain, but sang in a more positive like, and child like way. It changed my life. I got into the Beatles, for what they were worth. Not what the television told me.

Q: Were you ever into any boy bands, if so who?
A: Um. . . . NO, but I just remember Will Smith and The Backstreet Boys were always on MTV.

I was into Rage Against Machine Then, but when I was in middle school I liked Soundgarden. There's actually a really funny, embarrassing story about that. I didn't have any of their records. My friends had them. I had their names confused for the longest time, I had been calling them Savage Garden, which is a totally different band. I didn't realize I was talking about Soundgarden the whole time. That was embarrassing when I had that epiphany.

Q: How long did it take you to find that out?
A: I think i was in the eighth grade, and one of my friends gave me a Soundgarden c.d. I looked at it and realized I had been mixing them up the entire time. I'd always tell people, "I really like Savage Garden" they would just look at me and be like "Okay...?"

I didn't know they were a totally different band.

Q: What made you want to start a band, and why did you pick those members, or did they pick you?
A: They more picked me, well, not really. We're more or less a backup band for the band James Dean Kindle.

J.D. came back to town, I offered to play a snare or a tom tom for him. Originally we thought we were going to be a house party band, to be like country/folk music to play at parties. We just started bringing in friends. First it was Bryan, and Cody (he left) and now were to the point where were not really backing for J.D. as we are a creative two-halves of a brain, working together. J.D. writes the songs, and we try to help him "actualize" what he is thinking.

Q: What's your craziest experience during Rock and Roll camp?

A: Last year I got stung by a bee when I had to go down to Zimmermans. I ran in, bought whatever it was i was getting, ran back out. When I sat down I was like "WHOOOOAA!"

There was a bee on my seat, it stung my lower back, it hurt so bad. I nearly hit a car.

Every year has its fair share of craziness, every day. One time, last year, I was giving a newspaper reporter a tour of the building. I was telling him "There's bands in here, there's bands in here, there's bands literally everywhere."

Just as I said that the elevator door opened and there sat two guitarists and some kid on a snare.

I looked at him and i was like,"See!"

Q: What makes you keep coming back to Rock and Roll camp every year, and how long to you plan to keep it going?

A: I ask myself that every year. Right before camp starts I'm like, "This is the last year, this is it." Right after camp is over I'm like "Yeah.. I don't know, I don't know yet, I'll have to think about it".

Then a few weeks later I say "Yeah, I better start thinking about next year now.""

I'd be interested in the future to find someone to take the reigns. I always try to bring in more points of view then just my own. I would like to find a group of people smarted than me. Eventually execution and ideas will be passed down to another group of people. I'd like to come back every year the rest of my life though. Right now, I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Quotes by the coolest rockers of our time

“I love Beethoven, especially his poems.”
-- The Beatles' Ringo Starr, 1964

“Ma'am, I'm not tryin' to be sexy. Ah didn't have any clear ideah of trying to sell sex. It's just my way of expressin' how I feel when I move around. It's all leg movement. Ah don't do nothin' with my body.”
-- Elvis Presley to a reporter early in his career, quoted in: Joe Kohut and John J Kohut, ed., Rock Talk (1994)

“I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.”
-- Jimi Hendrix

brout“Music can save people, but it can't in the commercial way it's being used. It's just too much. It's pollution.”
-- Bob Dylan

"I heard that your brain stops growing when you start doing drugs. Let’s see, I guess that makes me 19."
-- Aerosmith Steven Tyler

“The worst crime is faking it” Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)

“I always thought the good thing about the guitar was that they didn't teach it in school.”
-- Jimmy Page Led Zeppelin

"There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we'd all love one another." -Frank Zappa

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Artistic Shot: Thursday


Band Practice: Thursday


Band sneak peek

Pendleton Ukulele Project (P.U.P)

Members: Kyle, Amanda, Mickayla, Nick, Seth, Brian, Weston, Levi, Mason, Caleb, Scott, Andrew

Songs: Ring of Fire^
Somewhere Over the Rainbow^^


Members: Mckinley, AnaLeigh, Cole, Mike

Song: Manarchy


Members: Andrew (A.K.A Andre Black), Luke (A.K.A Mr. Smidge), "Beaver", Jeremy

Song: Blame

Project Shock

Members: Will P.,Will G., Logan, Michael, Seth

Song: Just Wanna Rock

Stones At Altima

Members: Ian, Jessi, Gabe, Theron, Levi, Victor, Weston, Addison, Skyler

Songs: One Time to Fly
You Really Got Me*

Exit 209

Members: Scott, Brooke, Mitch, Devin, Jordan

Songs: Good Life
Thunder and Lightening
Walk it off

Click Bang

Members: Savannah, Caleb, Ciaran, Donovan

Song: Get Out

Social Rejects

Members: Christian, Justin, Evan, Scott

Song: Religion Kills Everybody
I Eat Meat
You Hate Me and I Hate You**


Members: Jessika, Amanda, Mikayla, Jake, Kenny

Song: Faraway

Photos by Westley

^ Cover song originally by Johnny Cash

^^ Cover song originally by Judy Garland

*Cover song originally by The Kinks

**Cover song originally by G.G. Allin

A Zepplin Fan Reborn

Hi, my name is Weston. I am what you would call a rock camp veteran, this my fifth and best year so far. So yesterday I, along with other campers, had the oppurintunity to watch the film How The West Was Won (no, it's not a movie with John Wayne), a film about the british rock group Led Zeppelin. It features concert footage of the golden gods at their best.

The first seven minutes is drenched in a blues groove with Robert Plant and his chest-beating vocals; Jimmy Page and his out of this world guitar. John Paul Jones and his solid bass line add a touch of class to the group, while John Bonham thunders out drum fill after drum fill. The band pulls out hit after hit, but not like on their records. For example, Jimmy Page , being the amazing guitarist he is, pulls out a violin bow and does this crazy ten minute solo! It was like I was Apollo Creed and the Page violin bow guitar solo was that big Russian guy!!!!

All in all, even if you are not a heavy Zep fan, this movie will leave you mystified by the fact that four guys can play music this pure and awesome

Interview With Cantaloupe

Q: So, Cantaloupe, how do you like being eaten?

A: *No answer*

Q: Cantaloupe, what happened to your family?

A: *No answer*

Q: Cantaloupe, what will you do do with your future?

A: *No answer*

Q: Cantaloupe, do you like Justin Bieber?

A: NO! -

Rock Band & Its Effect on Pendleton Rock Camp

In late 2005, Activision—along with RedOctane and Harmonix Music Systems—released a game called Guitar Hero and four years later, released other types, including Guitar Hero 2, Guitar hero 3, and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Two years after the release of Guitar Hero, Harmonix Music Systems released another series of virtual band games, entitled Rock Band. Rock Band is becoming more and more popular by the day, with over five additions to the Rock Band legacy and over 1,100 downloadable songs for PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, Rock Band has shown kids our age music that our parents listened to, and made it look awesome!

Rock Band does have its downside, along with only being able to download content if you have a system that connects to the Internet, Rock Band itself is pretty spendy. Usually, when the Rock Band games come out, they cost around $150-199 though, as time passes and newer versions come out they drop in price. But whats the fun in getting a game after everyone else because you couldn't afford it when it came out? It's not.

Here at rock camp, tons of kids play Rock Band in their free time. We polled 20 people and out of them, 75% said they play the game. 70% of them said that Rock Band did not influence their choice to play music, but did open their eyes to a lot of newer music. 25% though, have never played the game, and 5% said they have been influenced to come here and play instruments because of the it.

So while Rock Band hasn't brought a lot of new students to Rock Camp, it does introduce them to new music. One kid who learned new tunes is Pendleton Rock Camper Nick, who says "you can learn how to play songs" using the game. He also learned about songs—"Living on a Prayer" and "Eye of the Tiger" being two—by playing the game.

Personally, I have found many good bands (like Modest Mouse, Duran Duran, Journey) that I would have never thought I would like by playing Rock Band. Along with old bands. And there are many unheard of bands on the game too. Along with being a good way to find bands, its a great way to have the feeling of playing music without struggling to play a real instrument.

Overall, Rock Band has had a big effect on the music generation these days, helping promote bands that are not technically “mainstream”and helping us discover the wonders of classic music along with many other things.

Randy Bemrose in a nut shell

Randy Bemrose
age: 30
years at rock camp: 4

Q:Why do you like it here?
A: I like that for a conservation cowboy town its very progressive and welcoming

Q:What instrument do you play?
A: Trumpet, drums, guitar, base,& learning piano.

Q: How long have you been playing?

Q: Why do you like teaching here?
A: I like seeing the kids improve over the years, and i like being a teacher.

Q: Whats your favorite instrument?
A: Vocals, also any wind instrument there good cause they are expressive.

Q: What's your favorite band?
A: Bard of Amos

Q:What was your first concert with out your parents?
A:Metillica, and Guns and Roses

Q:Whats the craziest thing to happen to you at a concert?
A: It was my first show here, we were suppose to be at the Elks club, but it burned down before we could play. We ended up renting the let 'er buck at the fair grounds.

Q:What were your worst shows?
A:In Seattle, WA. The drummer couldn't practice before the show , one guy got food poisoning, so he kept running back to throw up in a trash can.

Q:What do you love about Rock camp?
A:Everything! counselors, campers,the supportive staff of the art center, and the traditions.

Rock Camp Workshop

A.K.A Working an amplifier to its max
By Westley

Tuesday, August 10, 2010: Counselors Skyler and Levi hosted a workshop to help campers adjust their guitar amps to improve sound quality. Armed with a cheap amp and Bryan's guitar, they proved that all amplifiers can produce good sound once properly "dialed in".

The basics of properly tuning an amp starts with a properly tuned guitar. To get the best possible sound quality, the volume is to be turned down from the amp only and the guitar's volume is to remain all the way up. Tube amps are to be left on standby mode for 15 minutes before being turned to the full "on" position. This allows time for the tubes inside the amp to warm up and produce the best possible sound. The "Gain" knob should also remain in the fully on position.

After teaching the campers the basics, Skyler went from person to person to help further tune their amplifiers. And slowly but surely, there began to be less idle hum and much more quality guitar music.

PROFILE: Savannah Taylor

Savannah Taylor

AGE: 15
STATUS: Singer
2nd year of Rock and Roll camp

"The rich and famous thing is always kind of appealing."

Q: How long have you been singing?

A: Since I can remember, but professionally only 6 years. I've only been playing the tambourine since today.

Q: Why did you come to Rock and Roll camp?

A: I know a lot of people here, I think its fun and I love music.

Q: Where would you like to go the future with your singing?

A: The rich and famous thing is always kind of appealing, but probably just playing in Oregon and Washington.

Q: What do you really like about Rock and Roll camp?

A: Nobody really cares what kind of music you do, as long as you have fun and sound good.

Q: What are you looking forward to most this week?

A: Performing with my band.

Q: Are you really nervous about performing in front of all the people?

A: People who aren't nervous before they go on stage are the crazy ones.




Weston's Poem

"Tomorrow's the big day
As some of you know
Some call it the big break,
I call it the show.

The first day of camp was really fun
I cannot count how many times the ladies called me hun
Lunch time was here, and I thought aloud
"It's time to get the pickup lines out!"

So I walked the street looking for action
Let's just say I was "the main attraction"!

The second day I thought was a maybe
Until I learned "Ring of Fire" on the ukulele
Band practice came so quick I had to go pee
Then we played The Kinks' "You Really Got Me"

The third day seemed like it never came to an end
But when I heard Day Moanstar, it brought me back again
I finally got the Led out of my head
Then I wrote an editorial till my fingers were dead

Now the fourth day of camp is about to begin
And it is here where I like to say
"You guys are my friends"


Theremin Thursday

The other day i had heard of this weird instrument called the theremin. it is this first electronic instrument that makes sounds from the movement of your hands. when i heard it i was on the floor laughing my brains out. it was a cool instrument.


PROFILE: Jake Moyer

AGE: 14

Instrument: Guitar

2nd year at Rock Camp

Looking forward to meeting other musicians.

Q: Do you plan on playing music later in your life?
A: Yes, I will go wherever it takes me, I don't have any goals for it.

Q: How has music affected your life?
A: It has given me a place to go after hard times.

Q: Is there a certain musician you aspire to be like?
A: I don't really have any favorite musicians, I'm not inspired by just ONE.

Q: What's your favorite workshop at Rock and Roll camp?
A: My favorite workshop was D.J. Akira. That was awesome. It was nice learning about the equipment.

Artistic Shot: Wednesday


Band Practice: Wednesday